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We aren’t overly fond of advertisements, I mean most of us almost always change the channel on our televisions or click on the ‘Skip ad’ option on Youtube, however every once in a while a commercial appears, one that catches our attention, one that intrigues us, makes us laugh and motivates us. Welcome to a new series called Fun Commercials, I plan to introduce you to the commercials that made us love the brands, the players, the games and so much more.

Kicking things off with Write The Future by Nike:

The FIFA World Cup is football’s biggest event, every 4 years the world of football lovers comes to a standstill and everyone follows one time zone. A single moment in the World Cup can send your name down in the history books, a good moment and you’re a hero for your country, a bad one and… well you better have a good team of security experts. Jokes apart, this commercial by Nike caught our attention and gained our admiration. Starring footballing Gods such as Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rooney, Drogba, etc this commercial does its name proud, depicting how a single moment can make or break your future.

Source: Estãdio on Youtube.

Moving on

Portugal Vs Brazil Commercial by Nike

Portugal and Brazil are filled with legends. Big names, big egos. As the stadium waits for this epic clash to get underway, the players line up to enter the pitch. The atmosphere is tense and heavy, however the notorious Figo thinks that this is a good time to nutmeg Brazilian legend Ronaldo… twice. As this happens egos are hurt and the match is forgotten. The ball is kicked around while players dazzle the camera and their opponents with some spectacular football. This commercial is the epitome of badass.

Source: David Villar on Youtube.

Saving the best for last

The Last Game by Nike

Words cannot accurately describe how amazing this commercial is! Starring our favorite stars like Ronaldo, Zlatan, Neymar, Iniesta and many more in an animated form. The Last Game describes what happens when clones take over the beautiful game. Programmed to perfection, football is transformed into a dull and predictable affair until a final wager is set.A wager between the originals and the clones, whoever scores the first goal continues playing the game while the team which concedes has to quit the game forever.

Source: Nike Football on Youtube.

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